Get to know the analytics dashboard

This article is an overview of the analytics available to you from your admin dashboard.

Viewings analytics

As an Admin/HQ, you have access to view global analytics, across all chapters. With certain permissions, chapter leaders may also be able to view analytics, but it will be at the chapter level. Ex: I’m an organizer for the Los Angeles chapter and I have permissions to view analytics. I will only be able to see analytics for the Los Angeles chapter.

Exporting analytics

Each of the analytics sections allow you to download CSVs of your data. Steps to download your data:

  1. Navigate to Analytics in the left sidebar of the Admin Dashboard
  2. Select the analytics tab that you want to download data from
  3. Under each section, you’ll see a link to Download CSV
  4. Click that link and the data will automatically start downloading

Analytics tabs

For each section below, you can filter by various parameters to narrow or broaden your view of the data. You are also able to download CSVs of the data under each of these sections. Under certain graphs, you’ll see a tooltip called Explain these numbers. Click that to see a short explanation of the corresponding graph.


This section breaks down your community data in terms of number of events over a given time period, events by region, number of attendees and attendees by region, ending with a list of events. Parameters like regions and dates can be adjusted to drill down into the data. 


This section starts with a graph of your total chapters over a given time period. You can compare active and inactive chapters. Total chapters is followed by new chapters which allows you to see the number of new chapters that’ve been added as well as new chapters that have held their first event. Following that is Chapters hosting events, Chapters per region and Chapter activity. These will break down number of chapters hosting at least one event, total chapters broken down by region and inactive vs. active chapter percentages.


This section starts with a graph that breaks out new site members and total site members. Following that you’ll see a graph for new chapter team members, chapter members and chapter memberships. Keep in mind these numbers are globally across all chapters.


This section allows you to see data on Newsletters and Automated Emails. You can track number of emails sent and how those are being received by your community in terms of deliveries, unique opens, unique clicks and unsubscribes.


If you have Google Analytics enabled, you’ll be able to see site analytics like pageviews, visitors and session data. 

If you’d like to enable Google Analytics for your site, please contact Bevy at

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