Edit event forms

This article outlines how you, as chapter leader, can edit forms in Bevy for your chapter.

Forms in Bevy enable chapter leaders* to add fields, on a per-event basis, to various forms including:

  1. Pre-order form: Displays when a user RSVPs/purchases a ticket to an event
  2. Post-event form: Survey attendees after an event via an admin enabled automated email
*Note: If enabled in your instance and appropriate permissions are granted. These forms can also be edited by admins at the global level. Learn more about Forms in Bevy here.

Editing Forms

  1. Select the event within the Chapter Dashboard
  2. Click the Form tab on the top
  3. Select Preorder or Post Event to edit
  4. Click Add new field
  5. Type the appropriate text and select a field type
    • Select Required or Prefill if appropriate
      1. Required ensures the user fills in the field when registering
      2. Prefill uses the field's last entry to fill the value when the form loads
  6. The Copy icon will allow you to duplicate questions
  7. Click Save Form when complete
Note: The fields that were added from the admin level cannot be edited by chapter team members, unless they are unlocked. If unlocked, they’ll be editable from this view. Any edits you make will only apply to future preorder or post event forms. It is not retroactive.

Pre-order form on a live event page

What types of fields are available?

A benefit to using Forms in Bevy is the amount of data already known on attendees without having to explicitly ask. This allows for a shorter form which typically leads to an increased response rate.

The following data is always associated with the pre-order & post-event form responses: 

User (name), User email, City, State, Country, Region, Chapter title, Chapter ID, Event title, Event ID, Event type, Event date, User ID, Attendee ID, Responded (date), Entry ID

This information doesn't need to be asked on the forms. 

For any other fields, you may choose from the following types

  • Short answer
    • This field type is best for one word/one line responses. 
    • “What is your favorite color?”
  • Paragraph
    • This field type is best for longer answers. 
    • “What would you change about the event check-in process?”
  • Email
    • For email addresses.
  • Number
    • For numeric answer types.
    • “How many events have you attended this month?”
  • URL
    • For validating a website link
    • “What is your company website?”
  • Checkbox
    • For opting in/checking an option.
    • “Check here if this was your first event.”
  • Radio
    • Best for scale questions, yes/no questions, etc.
    • “How satisfied were you with the food/beverages at this event?
      • 1 (Least Satisfied)
      • 2
      • 3
      • 4
      • 5 (Most Satisfied)”
    • “Have you attended this chapter’s meetings before?
      • Yes
      • No”
  • Multiple checkboxes
    • This is best for selecting multiple options in a multiple choice format.
    • “What kinds of emails do you subscribe to?
      • Newsletters
      • Social media
      • Shopping”
  • Dropdown
    • Best for choosing one option from a list of options
    • “How did you hear about us?
      • Referral
      • Google search
      • Know someone at the company
      • Marketing”
  • Multiple choice
    • This is best suited for selecting various options in line. 

  • Text Snippet
    • Text Snippets enable you to input a piece text at the top, bottom, or anywhere in between your form fields — both on the pre-order form and post-event survey.
      • ctrl + ` marks code
      • ctrl + i makes italic
      • ctrl + ~ adds strikethrough
      • ctrl + u underlines
      • ctrl + b makes bold
      • ctrl + v makes link

Viewing form submissions

The pre-order form responses are viewable in a table and downloadable via CSV.

  1. Select the event within the chapter dashboard
  2. Click the Form tab on the top
  3. Select the chart icon next to the form you want to view

The CSV download includes additional information that isn’t displayed in the table view.

Columns in the CSVs for both tables
Entry ID
Chapter title
Chapter ID
User email
Event title
Event ID
Event type
Event date
Responded (date)
User (name)
User ID
Attendee ID

There is a special permission for viewing personally identifiable information (PII) on the post-event form. By default, chapter team members do not have this permission and thus will not see a post-event form respondents name or email. Permissions are on a per form basis -- users can have access to the pre-order or post-event form or both.

Sending the post-event form

The post event form will trigger via an admin controlled automated email. Typically this email triggers some time after an event ends. Read more about sending the post event form here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the character limits on the Short Answer or Paragraph options?

All labels have a limit of 255 characters.

What are the specific functions of the URL and Email answer types (and how do they differ from Short Answer)?

URL and Email fields check that the value matches. URL values have to be valid URLs. Email values have to be valid emails.

Are fields set as required by default?


Are questions set for an event form copied from one event to the next?

Questions are currently not transferred or saved from one event to the next.

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