Send a post event survey

This article outlines how to send the post event form in order to capture data from your attendees. The steps below assume you already have Forms enabled and have edited the Post Event Form to include the questions you’d like to ask your attendees.

Adding the post event form to the post event survey automated email

If you have an existing post event automated email, you can simply adjust it to use the internal Bevy form link instead of your current, external link. Emails already sending with the current form link will continue to send. Any post event form email that hasn’t been triggered yet would then be updated with the new Bevy link. To add the post event form to the post event automated email, follow these steps:

  1. Click Emails from the Admin Dashboard
  2. Click Automated Emails
  3. Click on the Post Event Survey email
  4. In the email content section, highlight Share Feedback 
  5. A format bar will appear, click the link icon
  6. In the Enter a URL field, click the dropdown and select Post Event Survey URL
  7. Click the box icon in the format bar to turn the link into a button
  8. After you’re done linking the form, check the Automated Email Enabled checkbox to enable this email
  9. Click Save and OK

From there, data will flow through the system and local organizers will be able to see form responses with masked name and email. Learn more about Forms in Bevy here.

In order to access the survey link, recipients of this email will need to be logged in with the account they used to RSVP for the event.

Note: If forms are not already enabled on your Bevy instance reach out to us at to have them enabled.

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