Facebook pixel tracking

This article will outline how to use Facebook Pixel tracking on your events in Bevy.

Facebook Pixel is a way to track conversions from Facebook Ads. Click here for more info from Facebook. If you are using Facebook Ads or Facebook Events, you can now track them as they land on your event pages. 

  1. Create Facebook Pixel (Click here for more info from Facebook)
  2. Add the Facebook pixel to your event page, using the instructions below
  3. Track actions that matter to your business (Click here for more info from Facebook)

Add FB Pixel Tracking to the Event

  1. Create an event on your Chapter Dashboard
  2. Under Event Tracking, add your Facebook Pixel ID (e.g. 123456789)
  3. Click Save & Publish

What Will be Tracked with the Facebook Pixel?

Pixel fires when landing on the page: 

This tracks when someone has landed on your event page from Facebook event or ad.
Facebook pixels added to Bevy through Google Tag Manager will also receive these events.

Pixel fires when requesting to purchase a ticket (i.e. before paying) 

When someone clicks the "buy" button but has NOT bought a ticket, they will then get asked to either log in, or fill in name and credit card details etc. 

If you see a big drop-off here than it means either your pricing is too steep, or they had issues purchasing a ticket.

Pixel fires once you've successfully bought a ticket

This tracks when someone has bought a ticket. This allows you to know that someone came via your Facebook Event or Facebook Ad and actually bought a ticket as a direct result of your advertising efforts

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