Hidden events

This article outlines how to create hidden events. Hidden Events can be used when you want to keep an event private (i.e. sales dinners, VIP events). If you’re hosting a VIP event, you want to invite specific people and not open the event up to your entire community.

Creating a Hidden Event

  1. When creating a new event, you have the option to hide the event under the General Information section
  2. Once the checkbox is selected, the event will be hidden. Hidden events will not appear on the Chapter or Upcoming Event pages. You will need a URL to access the event

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I generate the URL for my hidden event?

Ensure the checkbox to make the event hidden is selected. Once you’re finished editing the event, publish it. The event will now appear under the Live tab of your Chapter’s Dashboard. Click the three vertical dots next to the event and select Event Page. This will open the event in a new tab where you can you copy the URL in your browser.
Alternatively, you can use the Permalink that is generated when you publish the event. You can find that under the Edit tab of the event.

If my Chapter is hidden, what happens to my events?

If your Chapter is hidden, all events will be hidden by default.

How do I share my hidden events?

When an event is hidden, attendees will need a specific URL in order to access the event. These events will not appear in search. See the first question for instructions to locate the event URL.

How are automated emails handled for hidden events?

By default, hidden events don't have automated emails queued up. There is a checkbox you can select to enable automated emails even for hidden events on a per event basis

Will my hidden event publish to Meetup?

No, your hidden event will not publish on Meetup. 

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