About your homepage

This article will outline the different sections available to you on your Community homepage. It will also explain how to edit those sections from your Admin Dashboard.

Homepage Slider

The slider is the top-most image on your homepage. You can edit the background image as well as the text to be displayed over the image. This help article outlines how to add and edit this image.

Intro Text

Add a short snippet of text about your community so that site visitors can digest a quick snippet. Work with your CSM directly to enable or update this.

Upcoming Events

Events are loaded here dynamically from across all chapters. Events surface based on location of the user and date of the event. Users can search to see what events are happening in a particular city.


The map displays an icon for each chapter location These icons dynamically display based on chapter latitude and longitude settings. Users can search for chapters based on a city, country or region.

Explore by Region

This section allows users to select a specific region from a pick list and see all chapters in that region. This help article will walk you through creating and editing regions.


If you have a blog enabled through Bevy, you will see it under Explore By Regions. This section will update dynamically with featured blog posts. Click here for an overview of the blog and here for steps on creating, reviewing and publishing a blog post.


The footer contains a short description of your website, quick links and links to social media. To edit any of these, follow the steps below.

  1. Select Settings from the left sidebar in Admin Dashboard
  2. Select the tab for General
  3. For website description, scroll to the Content section
  4. Platform short description is the field to edit the description of your website in the footer
  5. For social media links, scroll to the Social Links section. Add any links for social media that you want to appear in the footer

Quick links can be updated with the help of the Bevy team. Reach out to help@bevy.com

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