Manage event ticketing

This article will explain various ticket settings available on Bevy, how to enable a waitlist, and how to leverage hidden ticket types.

Event Types

The first configuration to set ticket settings is found in the Event Type settings. 

  1. Click Settings from the left sidebar of the Admin Dashboard
  2. Click the Event Types tab and select the Event Type you wish to view, or create a new one
  3. Scroll down to the RSVPs/Tickets section

4. Under Ticketing Options, choose to use Bevy Ticketing or External Ticketing

Note: External ticketing allows for the use of external URLs in the event creation.

5. With Bevy Ticketing, you have the option to use Tickets, which can be free or paid, or RSVPs, which are just registrations, and cannot have a monetary value attached to them

Event Creation

Explaining ticket settings in the event creation.

  1. RSVPs/Tickets in the event creator is the location of the Ticket settings for the event. To read about the prior steps in creating events, read about Creating Events
  2. You can add different tickets as needed, set quantity available as well as price (if applicable)

3. Clicking the gear icon beside the ticket type, you can:

    1. Configure sales date ranges (time zone reflects the time zone set in step 1)
    2. Enable waitlists. More information about Waitlists on Bevy
    3. Hide the ticket type. More information about Hidden Ticketing
    4. Set maximum and minimum purchase quantity

4. You can also set a maximum venue capacity, if applicable. When maximum capacity is reached, tickets will appear as Sold Out on the event page, regardless of how many tickets are left. If left blank, this won’t affect existing tickets

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my event say RSVPs closed, even though the event is in the future?

Check your ticket availability date range! If the sale dates have passed, the tickets will not be available regardless of the event being in the future.

What is the difference between Ticket Quantity and Venue Capacity?

The assumption is that the available tickets won't exceed the venue capacity. 

After the ticket quantity has sold, the event will show as Sold Out. If the venue capacity is set to be smaller than the ticket capacity, you will get the following notice when you click publish event:

Ticket quantity is larger than the venue capacity entered.

You can publish anyway, but the event will appear as “Sold Out”once the capacity is reached.

Are you sure you want to publish this event?

The event will be Sold Out when either the ticket quantity is reached or the venue capacity is reached, if you have set a venue capacity. The purpose of the venue capacity is to help cap total tickets/RSVPs allocated. 

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