Editing chapter settings

This article will help you set up and customize your chapter settings.

  1. Click Settings from the left sidebar of the Chapter Dashboard
  2. Under the General tab, configure the following fields:
    1. Title
    2. About
    3. You can highlight text in the About section to bring up the text editor, offering various text formatting tools. You can also drag and drop pictures 
    4. Location
    5. The location field will auto-fill all necessary fields. However, you may expand location details if you want to customize the following:
      1. Country
      2. State/Province
      3. City
      4. Time Zone
      5. Latitude/Longitude

  3. Set the chapter status to Active. This is essential to ensure your chapter is live and counted towards analytics.
    1. Inactive: Ensures only you and other logged in team members can view the page
    2. Active: Ensures your chapter is a live chapter 
  4. Enter the Region of your chapter in the Lists section.
  5. Using Payments? Enter relevant information like currency and ticket revenue share in the Payments section.
  6. Use External Ticketing: Ensures all events posted within this chapter use an external URL instead of RSVP on Bevy
  7. Finish up by adding a thumbnail and banner image, any featured content like photos and videos, and linking your chapter’s social profiles.
  8. Click Save.


This tab is where you can upload photos to your chapter page. Photos could be from events or other Community-wide photos that you’d like to share.

These photos will now appear on your chapter page in the Chapter Photos section


The team tab is where you can search for members of the chapter and add them as team members of the chapter. Read more about adding chapter team members.

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