Copy events

This article will outline how to copy, or duplicate, an event. Individual and recurring event series can be copied. You can recreate the recurrence when it has expired or create a similar event for a different frequency.

  1. Using Search Chapters from the Admin Dashboard, search for and select the chapter with the event you’d like to copy
  2. Click the Events tab on the left sidebar of the Chapter Dashboard
  3. Look for the event you’d like to copy in either the Live, Draft or Completed tabs
  4. On the left side of the event, click the 3 vertical dots

5. Click Copy Event

6. This will open a copy of the event and auto populate all the event details where you can update the event date or frequency. If you want to copy a single event from a recurring series, you'll need to clear the recurrence field

7. Make any necessary edits and click Save Draft or Publish

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