Send a chapter newsletter

This article will outline how to send emails to chapter members.

Bevy gives local organizers the ability to quickly and easily communicate with community members via newsletters. There are several use cases for newsletters, but they tend to be event marketing related or ad hoc. Some popular use cases are newly added events, sending additional information beyond the system emails, and thanking attendees post event.* 

  1. From the left sidebar of the Chapter Dashboard, select Emails and then New Email
  2. Select the appropriate audience and corresponding event that the audience is referring to. This event can be in the future or in the past.
  3. When selecting an audience (recipients) for your email, you'll have these options:
    1. Chapter Members: Sends to all subscribed chapter members
    2. People with event ticket: Sends only to those who have registered for a ticket and are subscribed
    3. Chapter members without event ticket: Sends only to subscribers without a ticket
    4. Attendees who checked in: Sends only to subscribers who were checked in
    5. Attendees who did not check in: Sends only to subscribers who did not check in
    6. People with event RSVP: Same audience as "People with event ticket"
    7. Chapter members without event RSVP: Same audience as "Chapter members without event ticket”
*Note: You do not have to be a chapter member to receive emails sent to “people with event RSVP.” If you were registered for this event, and subscribed, you’ll receive this email. The audience for chapter members is the audience that will include those that are members & not unsubscribed.

4. Format body text by highlighting the text. You can also drag and drop images or photos into the body 

In the body of the message, Our emails have specific mentions that will replace themselves with specific details. In the message section of the email, you can type the following commands:
a. *|first_name|* or *|FNAME|* [for first name]
b. *|full_name|* [for full name]
c. *|last_name|* or *|LNAME|* [for last name]

5. Feature upcoming events in your newsletter, or click the X to remove them 

6. Click Send as Test to send yourself a preview of the email to see what it looks like. To Preview the newsletter, click Save as Draft and then Preview

7. To send the email, click Schedule & Send, select whether to Send Immediately and click Send Now, or schedule for a future date and time and click Schedule

Note: The headquarters team for the company you organize events for might have established set automated emails. Please review your program guidelines to understand email best practices. 

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