Event type settings

This article will outline the settings available for Event Types. Event Types are used to categorize your events.

Navigating to Event Types

  1. Select Settings from the left sidebar in Admin Dashboard
  2. Select the tab for Event Types
  3. Click any Event Type to view and edit it

Creating a new Event Type

  1. Click on New Event Type button to create a new Event Type
  2. Fill in the relevant details
  3. Click Save Event Type and Publish in the confirmation modal

Event Type Settings

Select In-person events to create an in-person Event Type

Select Virtual events in order to see more options appear

  1. Select Require URL to publish event in order to force the user to insert a URL before publishing
    1. If you select Bevy Virtual, the URL will be filled in for you.
  2. Select Enable conference agenda in order to convert the Event Type to be a Bevy Virtual Conference
    1. See the difference between Bevy Virtual and Bevy Virtual Conference - go here

More Event Type Settings

GENERAL: Pick a name that best describes your event (Panel Discussion, Workshop, Conference, Roundtable, etc). Select either In-person event or Virtual event. In-person event will require a venue address and emails related to the event will include the address. Virtual event will support adding a link to the event page and emails related to the event will include the virtual link, and you can designate whether the the virtual event URL is required in order to publish the event or not (more information here). Checkboxes for multi-day and recurrent events are also available. 

TO BE DISPLAYED IN CHAPTERS: The default is to show this event type on all chapters. This allows your chapter leaders to pick this event type when creating an event. You can also choose to show this event type only on certain chapters. If you want to do this, select that button and you’ll see a search field that allows you to find and select chapters. 

PEOPLE: There are a variety of people types that you can include on an event type. To include a people type, set the maximum greater than 0. If the fields are left at 0, that person type will not appear as an option during event creation.

STARTUPS: Similar to the People section, you can opt to include a minimum and maximum for Startups. If the fields are left at 0, Startups will not appear as an option during event creation.

LOCAL SPONSOR TIERS: If you anticipate sponsorships for this event type, add those here. You can choose their name as you wish.

TICKETS: Select your desired ticketing type. You can set different ticketing options per event type. 

DEFAULT IMAGE: Providing the event banner and thumbnail in the event type will ensure continuity across all chapters who use this event type.

EVENT DURATION: Click the checkbox if you want to allow multiday events under this event type.

RECURRING EVENTS: Click the checkbox if you want to allow recurring events under this event type.

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