Create recurring events

A recurring event series is a set of identical events that repeat on a specified frequency. Each event will be identical except for the date.

Event Types

The Recurring Events functionality must be enabled by event type.

  1. Click Settings from the left sidebar in the Admin Dashboard 
  2. Select the Event Type tab
  3. Select an individual event type, scroll down to the General section, and check Allow recurring events. You may also designate whether this specific event type shows on all chapters or specific chapters.
  4. Click Save Event Type

Creating a recurring event

  1. From the chapter dashboard, select Events from the left sidebar, click the New Event button to begin creating an event
  2. Fill in relevant event details such as Title & Descriptions
  3. After choosing the event start & end date, select an option under This event will be hosted. Recurring series will schedule events up to 1 year from the first event start date and can be scheduled for the following frequencies:
    1. Weekly
    2. Every two weeks
    3. Monthly
  4. Once you’ve finished filling out all the event details, click Publish
Note: The Recurring series will be published once all events have loaded. This can take up to 10 minutes. Until published, the events in the recurring sequence will not display within the dashboard. You may leave the page while the events publish to Live.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change the frequency of a recurring event series?

In order to change the frequency of an entire live recurring event series, you need to cancel all events in this series and create a new recurring sequence.

How do automated emails work for recurring events?

For the following events, automated emails are scheduled to be sent 24 hrs after the previous event start date. If a recurring event series is canceled, all scheduled automated emails are canceled as well.

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