Create a new event

This article will outline the steps to create a new event in Bevy.

  1. Locate a chapter from within the dashboard and select Events from the left sidebar. Learn how to create chapters here.
  2. Click New Event and select an Event Type (if applicable)
  3. Fill out the appropriate fields: 

    a. Title and Description

    • You can drag and drop photos to the event description
    • Description text can be styled (bold, italic, etc.) by selecting a given word or text. Styling options will appear once a selection is made.

    1. b. Schedule and Agenda - by default the event timezone will reflect the Chapter's timezone. You can adjust that to make the event happen in a timezone that is different from the Chapter's timezone.

      c. Location

    • If you are creating a Virtual Event be sure you have selected the Virtual Event Type. You have the option to choose between an external virtual platform (External URL) or Bevy Virtual. Learn more about Bevy Virtual.
      Note: Using the Virtual Event Type allows you to include a virtual event link rather than a venue address.

      d. Event Tracking (optional)

    Note: The magic wand icon (pictured below) can be used to auto-populate previous event agenda, location, and ticket type data.
  4. If applicable, add various People roles in Step 2. Learn more about Speaker Profiles here.
  5. Add Sponsors & Partners in Step 3.
  6. Add Tickets/RSVPs in Step 4.
  7. Select Publish, or Save Draft and Preview to preview the event before publishing

Frequently Asked Questions

What characters are not allowed in the event body?

The event editor body does not support the use of emoji characters.

Why is my event not showing up on the upcoming events page?

Check your chapter’s general settings to ensure the latitude and longitude fields are filled in correctly. See this article for more information on configuring your chapter settings.

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