Create new chapters

This article will outline the steps to create chapters in Bevy. Typically, a chapter represents a city or specific location within your community but it can represent any category you’d like. 

  1. Navigate to the Chapters tab on the left sidebar of the Admin Dashboard
  2. Click on New Chapter

3. Configure the following fields:

    1. Chapter Title
    2. Country
    3. State/Province
    4. City
    5. Region
    6. Time Zone
    7. Latitude/Longitude

NOTE: You must enter latitude/longitude to ensure that your chapter and its events show up in search and are indexed correctly. This also ensures that your chapter has a pin on the homepage map. 

Positive latitude is above the equator (N), and negative latitude is below the equator (S). Positive longitude is East (E) of the prime meridian, while negative longitude is West W) of the prime meridian (the north/south line in England).

4. Set the chapter status to Active & check This is a Production Chapter. This is essential to ensure your chapter is live and counted towards analytics

a. Chapter Status

i. Inactive: Ensures only you and other logged in team members can view the page

ii. Active: Ensures your chapter is a live chapter

b. Use External Ticketing: Ensures all events posted within this chapter use an external URL instead of RSVP on Bevy

c. This is a Hidden Chapter: Only visitors with the URL can see this chapter

d. This is a Production Chapter: Ensures the chapter statistics count toward analytics. If this is left unchecked, the chapter and it’s events will not count towards analytics.

5. Finish up by adding any featured content like descriptions, photos and videos, and linking your chapter’s social profiles 

6. Click Save. You are now ready to get started creating events!

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