Customize social sharing options

This article will outline the steps to customize which social sharing icons are enabled throughout your community pages.

You can customize which social sharing icons appear in:

  • Your event pages

  • Your RSVP confirmation page

  • Your ticket confirmation emails

  • This setting is controlled from the Admin settings. To take advantage of these options:
  1. Click Settings from the left sidebar in the Admin dashboard and scroll towards the bottom of the General tab 
  2. From there, you will see the Social Network Sharing section, where you can uncheck the icons you don't want appearing, and leave the ones you do as checked. Don't want to provide the option to share on Pinterest? Just uncheck the Pinterest box. Only want to provide the option to share on LinkedIn and via Email? Uncheck all the boxes except for LinkedIn and Email. It's really that simple. 

We hope this update puts more power in your hands and helps you manage your community better.

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