How to connect to Meetup Pro

Historically, Bevy has had a Meetup integration that essentially allowed for chapters to be connected to a specific group on Events posted in Bevy could be synced to Meetup. RSVPs would be closed on, include the Bevy event URL in the description on the Meetup event page with a message that directed users to click the link to RSVP. Events would auto-announce on Meetup once published from Bevy.

In June of 2019, Bevy and Meetup announced a partnership committing to building a deeper integration. This deeper integration involved group creation from Bevy, RSVPs open on (with name and email being passed back to Bevy via API), and attribution in Bevy Analytics.

Meetup Pro users can leverage this new integration on Bevy.

If you’re already using Bevy and Meetup

  1. You should be set up on Meetup Pro. If not, sign up for or Bevy can introduce you to to get set up.
    Note: Meetup Pro is required in order to leverage the integration.
  2. Visit Settings from the Admin Dashboard, and click the Integrations tab
  3. Click Connect Meetup while signed in to your Pro Network
  4. You will be redirected to and see this screen:
  5. Once you click Allow, you are redirected to Bevy, where you need paste your Pro Network URL string. 
    e.g. “cmxconnect” from
  6. Click Save and you’re all set!

Open RSVPs on

Visit general admin settings and locate the checkbox to ensure RSVP’s are open. Then, republish all your live events on Bevy to open up RSVPs on the respective Meetup events.

Linking an existing Bevy chapter to a Meetup group

We automatically link existing Meetup groups to Bevy chapters if they were linked before and/or if they are in the pro network you connected above.

The instructions below can be used for Groups that don’t automatically sync up.

  1. Visit an individual chapter
  2. Select Settings in the left sidebar of the Chapter Dashboard
  3. Scroll to the Meetup section at the bottom
  4. Select Link an existing Group and locate the existing group from your Pro Network
  5. Click Save Chapter

Note: We have a custom permission set to grant access to the integrations tab from chapter settings. By default no chapter/group roles have this permission. Only Admins/HQ will have access to the tab, but we can include that permission to chapter/group roles, if needed.

Creating groups on Bevy and

  1. Visit Chapters from the left sidebar of the Admin Dashboard
  2. Select New Chapter
  3. Fill out the relevant details
  4. Select Create a New Group
  5. Enter the new group details
  6. Click Save Chapter

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Note: For groups that are already connected at the chapter level (using the historical Bevy/Meetup integration), the integration will continue to work. When we identify a group in the Pro Network, we automatically tie the new connection up. If a group isn’t connected, it’s likely that it’s not within the Pro Network.

Events Published to Meetup from Bevy

RSVPs will be open on however, the link the Bevy event will still be included. This ensures paid tickets can still be sold on Bevy. If you’d like you edit the messaging that’s included in the Meetup event description, visit the Bevy admin dashboard settings.

Attribution and Analytics 

You’ll notice any chapter that is connected to Meetup will have a M icon in line.

You’ll notice any attendee that RSVPed from Meetup will also have a  M icon in line.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once connected, will my previously published events and attendee records sync from Meetup to Bevy? 

No, historical records will not sync however once you have completed the set up steps, any live or future events will start to sync registration data immediately.

Do users that join a Meetup Pro group on as a member automatically get added as members in Bevy?

No. Technically they are added as prospective users if they RSVP for an event that gets synced. But they are not added to the chapter as a member.

Do users that RSVP to a Bevy event on automatically get added as members in Bevy? 

No. Technically they are added as prospective users if they RSVP for an event that gets synced. But they are not added to the chapter as a member.

Do users that RSVP to a Bevy event on receive all of the same Bevy emails?

They would receive attendee emails, but not member emails. These depend on the audience used to create the email.

Will they receive the ticket confirmation email and all of the queued up automated emails for the audience “People w/ event RSVP”, for example? 

They do not receive a ticket confirmation email, as they should have already received a confirmation from Meetup. But subsequent emails sent to the audience "People w/ event RSVP or Ticket" shall be sent to them.

Once I set my community up on the new Bevy Meetup integration, will any of my historical or already published events be affected?

None of the already published events change. If they are connected to groups on, they will remain that way, unless we adjust chapter or integrations settings and tie that Bevy chapter to a new Meetup group. Then, no future edits to those historical events will get pushed.

Any future RSVPs to events already published will sync assuming we open RSVPS on

Can you have a pro network connected at the admin settings level in Bevy but not at the local level, resulting in more than one accounts being connected from Bevy to Meetup? 

Non-pro network Meetup groups connected to Bevy chapters remain connected even after the Pro Network is set at the admin level. All pro network groups will be linked at the chapter settings level.

The Pro network connection settings handles all chapters that don't have a local "override". If local settings are present these are used for event management instead of the the Pro network settings.

For already live events with RSVPs closed, can we open RSVPs on

Yes. You just have to manually visit those events on Meetup to open them. Or, you can adjust your admin settings in Bevy to open RSVPs and then republish each Bevy event to update Meetup.

How are +1’s handled from Meetup to Bevy?

We will disallow +1s for events we publish to Meetup. If a user changes the setting on the side, the RSVP will only show as a single attendee in Bevy, because we only get a single email.

How do I disable the Meetup integration for new events? 

Uncheck "When enabled, published events will be created on Meetup for groups that have valid credentials” in admin settings on Bevy.

Do hidden events post to

No, hidden events are excluded from the integration. They will only post to Bevy when you save and publish.

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