Use the Bevy Organizer App

The Bevy Organizer App allows organizers to manage attendees, scan QR codes and check people in. QR codes are included in the attendee's ticket confirmation email. You may also manually add attendees within the mobile app.

  1. Download the app on iOS & Android
  2. Enter your Community URL (i.e.
  3. Sign in using the same email and password used to sign into the dashboard

Managing check-ins

  1. Swipe right to check an attendee in (they’ll turn green)
  2. Swipe left to print a badge (if enabled)
  3. Tap the + User icon to manually add an attendee
  4. Scan a QR code to check a user in
  5. Tap the gear icon to auto-print badges upon check in
  6. Tap the list icon to sort by first name, last name, or purchase date.

Manually add attendees

  1. Click on this button to add an attendee

2. Fill in the attendee details and click Add Attendee

3. The attendee is now counted in the attendee list. Remember to swipe right to check in the attendee 


Event visibility is based on individual organizer permissions. Admins will see all events. Local leaders will only see the events for chapters they have access to.

Badge Printing

Badge printing is only available on the iOS version with an AirPrint enabled printer. Organizers will need to access wifi-enabled printers and have their own labels to print. The app prints a standard label with the attendee name & a scannable QR code.

Note: In order to have the attendee QR code send in the ticket confirmation email, an admin must have it enabled. Reach out to  to configure this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it available on the Amazon App Store or for use on Fire Tablets?

No, at least not yet. However, you may sign into your dashboard via any mobile browser. Our software is optimized on mobile and we have dedicated check-in views for operating on mobile.

Can I track the number of RSVPs & check-ins from within the app?

You can not track this today although it is something we are considering.

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