Ongoing Help & Training

We are always here for you :)

Congrats! You have made it through basic training : )

The learning and support doesn't stop here, we have all kinds of resources and help available to ensure you are a success.

Help Library

We have a very robust library containing tips, tricks and helpful education on how to build and run a successful chapter.  You can access that anytime at  There you can browse by topic or simply search. 

Quarterly Syncs

We hold one-on-one quarterly syncs with each of our hosts. The CMX and Bevy HQ team will check in to celebrate your successes and help with any challenges you are facing.

Your Peers

Some of your best learning will come from conversations with other Hosts.  As mentioned, you can reach out in our private Slack channel.

Global Event

SAVE THE DATE to join us at the CMX Summit in the fall.  


Still feeling uncertain about where to start? Get busy planning and publishing your first event!  You can publish as soon as you have a date, venue and speaker. Your target is to host your first event in the next 30 days. So, get busy!

And again, welcome to the team.  We are happy you are here!

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