Choosing a Venue

The choice of venue is very important as it acts as the first impression to the community and will also set the tone for future events. It is important to try to get a venue that works from an economic standpoint, is somewhere you can book on a monthly basis, and creates the right environment for your events.

When it comes to venue perks you want to look for a place that:

  • Has a good atmosphere that people like, will feel comfortable in, and will easily be able to network with one another.
  • Is a good place to record video and/or audio- no echos or bad lighting that will affect the video or audio recording negatively.
  • Is easy for your audience to get to.
  • Has enough room to fit the size of your audience.
  • Offers free WiFi for attendees.
  • Has the necessary equipment for your event, eg. a screen and projector if you plan to present.

Here is an email template you can use when inquiring about a venue for your next event.

Hi {{NAME}}!

I’m {{YOUR NAME}}, the host of an event series in {{CITY}}, called CMX Connect. These events fulfill the need for community professionals to share actionable strategies and advice when it comes to all things community building.

I’m currently looking for a venue for our upcoming event on {{DATE}} from 6pm-8:30 pm. We are low maintenance in that we don’t require any A/V equipment, however, we do like to move the chairs into a circle. Typically, we expect 15-20 attendees. Do you have space for an event like this?

We offer your brand to be a partner on the event, showing your space, your logo, and your information, on our event page, in all our marketing emails, and event posts. To learn more about CMX Connect and our upcoming events, check out our event page.

Thanks {{NAME}},

I look forward to hearing from you!


For more tips and tricks about choosing the perfect event venue for your CMX Connect, check out this Bevy Blog Post.

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