Selecting Panelists & Speakers

CMX Connect events are a space for people to come together in person, share their knowledge around community, and learn from each other. It is important that these events are content-driven with clear, relevant, industry-related topics, presented by an expert speaker or panel. When selecting speakers or panelists, there are a few things to remember:

  1. Do they have deep experience with the topic?
    1. If your topic is How to Build an In-Person Community, you probably should ask someone who mostly manages online communities to speak on the topic. Just like it might not be the best fit to have a brand new community manager try to speak about Proving the ROI of a Community.
  2. Can they draw a crowd?
    1. People will be more likely to attend if the speakers are names and brands they recognize and respect. Always ask your panelists and speakers to share the event with their networks. Chances are, they know people in the industry who would be keen to come see them speak, or can add value to the conversation.
  3. Let them self-identify
    1. Ask experienced people what they'd be really excited to speak about. You might discover topics you didn't think of, and you always want your speakers to feel genuinely excited about the topic they're presenting.
  4. How many do you need?
    1. When selecting your panelists, it’s important to think about what kind of conversation you want to have. Typically, two-five panelists is suitable.

Here is a template you can customize when inviting a speaker or panelist to speak at an event:

Hi {{NAME}},

I’m {{YOUR NAME}}, the host of an event series in {{CITY}}, called CMX Connect. These events fulfill the need for community professionals to share actionable strategies and advice when it comes to all things community building.

I’m looking for panelists for our upcoming event on {{DATE}}. The topic is {{Proving the ROI of your Community. I’m looking for individuals who manage a community, on or offline, who can talk about how they measure success and prove the value of their community}}. Does this sound like you? I’d love to chat more about the work you do with the community at {{COMPANY}}!

To learn more about CMX Connect and our upcoming events, check out our event page.

Thanks {{NAME}},


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