Add discount codes

This article will explain how to create event discount codes. These can be used to reduce the prices of paid tickets or provide VIP access.

  1. Navigate to your Chapter Dashboard 
  2. On the left sidebar click Events
  3. Choose the Event you’d like to create a Discount Code for
  4. Click on Discounts from the top menu bar

5. Click Create Code

6. Fill in the fields in the Create Discount Code window

7. The URL will auto-create based on the code you designate. When this URL is used, the code will automatically apply to registration

8. You can assign the Discount Code to apply only to specific ticket types, or to all tickets available for the event. You may also set the Total Uses (total number of users that can use a discount code), the availability date range, and whether it’s a fixed amount or percentage discount

9. Click Save Code to activate this Discount Code

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