Manage a waitlist

This article will outline the steps needed to use the ticket waitlist in Bevy.

  1. Navigate to your chapter in the dashboard
  2. Click Events from the side menu
  3. Create an event or edit an existing event
  4. Click the RSVPs/Tickets in the top right corner or navigate to step #4.
  5. Click the gear icon next to the ticket you'd like to add a waitlist to
  6. Check the Enable Waitlist checkbox
  7. Save the event

The waitlist is enabled on a per ticket basis.

Assuming a ticket type with the waitlist enabled is sold out, a user visiting the event page won't be able to RSVP. They'll just be able to submit their name & email to join the waitlist.

Users who join the waitlist will receive a confirmation message on the event page. No further action is needed from the user at this time. They won't receive any kind of email.

Once a user has joined the waitlist, the event page will reflect conveying that you can only join once.

Accessing the Waitlist from the Dashboard

The event waitlist can be accessed by clicking on a specific event and clicking the Waitlist tab at the top. This is where tickets are released to users on the list.

Once the organizer releases the ticket to the person on the waitlist, the user will receive this email letting them know a spot has opened. The user can click on the "claim your spot" link before the offer expires. They have however much time was set by the organizer in step #1 before this link will expire.

Assuming the user claims their spot, they will be added to the event attendee list & highlighted in green on the waitlist. If the user does not claim their spot or their waitlist offer expires, the waitlist will reflect an expired spot, highlighted in red. Yellow highlights in the waitlist indicate a spot is pending release. Red with an hourglass means the ticket has been released and the user can respond. Red with an X means the waitlist spot has expired and the user can no longer claim the spot.

If waitlist spots expire before someone can get a hold of the link, they can be manually added as attendees in the attendee list. You cannot reactive their link from the waitlist.

Users can be manually added to the attendee list by clicking the Add People button.

Note: Users can only be listed on the waitlist once, so if a waitlist spot has been expired, you cannot add them again.

Editing the Waitlist

When using the waitlist for tickets, it's important to edit how much time is allocated for attendees to claim a ticket. The duration will default to 1 day until it’s adjusted.

You may also adjust the release message. This is the message that is emailed to users on the waitlist once you’ve released their ticket.

Frequently Asked Questions

When someone already has a ticket and they cancel it (e.g. they can't attend), are people on the waitlist automatically offered that ticket?

No. The control to offer a ticket from someone on the waitlist is at the strict discretion of the group leader.

On the waitlist itself, what does "release" mean?

It means the user is able to claim their spot off the waitlist. The user can do this by clicking the link they received via email and RSVPing on the event page.

Is there any way to enable notifications when people get added to the waitlist?

There is not a notification for this today.

If I add additional tickets to be available, will those on my waitlist automatically be released a spot?

No. Increasing the ticket quantity will not automatically impact those on the waitlist. You will still need to release them a ticket in order to allow them to register.

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