Managing the pre-registration form

The pre-registration form in Bevy enables group leaders with appropriate permissions to add questions, on a per event basis, to a form that displays when a member RSVPs or purchases a ticket to an event.

Editing the pre-registration form

Questions are added to forms via the dashboard, and must be added to each event form - they don’t carry over from event to event.

  1. Sign in, navigate to your Dashboard, and search for your chapter in the side menu
  2. Select the event within the chapter dashboard
  3. Click the “Form” tab
  4. Click “Add new field”
  5. Type the question or appropriate text
  6. Change the question type using the gear icon
  7. Choose from the following question types
    • Short Answer
    • Paragraph
    • Email
    • Number
    • URL
    • Checkbox
    • Radio
    • Multiple Checkboxes
    • Dropdown
    • Multiple Choice
    • Select Required if appropriate
  8. The Copy icon will allow you to duplicate questions.
  9. Note: Questions included by HQ can’t be removed by chapter directors.

Viewing form submissions

The pre-order form data submissions are viewable via CSV export.

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