Lessons From A Relaunch

In this webinar, Katie McCauley, Series Coordinator for CMX will take us through how she relaunched her community events program at CMX and rebuilt trust with her community leaders. There have been a lot of lessons learned on the path to starting all over and she is going to share those learnings with you. 

Katie McCauley
Series Coordinator | CMX

Katie is a connector, empath, and has a curiosity for others that never runs out. She loves using all three of these in her work as the CMX Series Coordinator. She is based in Austin, TX and currently manages a meetup program for community managers with 15 chapters around the world.

Most recently, Katie spent nearly three years as the Community Manager for Noonday Collection, a fair trade direct sales jewelry company and passionate community of women. Katie knows first hand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with being the solo community manager at a company; she loves helping Community folks connect with their peers in their local area through CMX Series. She is a firm believer that we need each other, and finds joy in being a resource to other community builders.

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