May 2017 Release Notes

Added My Tickets Section To User Profile

This feature enables community members to easily view what upcoming events they are registered for, download tickets, and request to be a featured attendee.

Add Un-RSVP link to My Tickets cards

This feature enables attendees to un-RSVP to events they have registered for by clicking the un-RSVP link. 
*This feature is available to communities that have only free events for all chapters.

Event Attendee Counts

Displays number of community members that have registered/RSVP'd for an event.

Chapter Member Counts

Displays number of community members that belong to a chapter. 

Learn more about how to enable/disable this feature HERE

Resend Ticket Button

Chapter organizers can resend event tickets from the attendee check-in dashboard.

Add Delete Button To Sponsor Invoices

This feature enables chapter leaders to delete invoices. Go to Dashboard> Sponsors> Invoices> Sent

After the "X" has been selected, you will be prompted to verify you truly want to delete the selected invoice. 

Added Update Subscriptions Options

This feature enables chapter members to unsubscribe from chapter email notifications. It can also be used to verify a member is subscribed to a specific chapter. 
Profile> Updates> Unselect checkbox> Save

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